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Interviews with manufacturers, distributors, players and tournament directors give you an exciting insight into the world of Star Trek Second Edition. We lay a special focus on interviews with the top players of the world concerning the big events like regional, continental and world championships.

These interviews have been carried out and published by members of the openCards writer team. You can find all of them in the openCards interview database (use riter "Search"). There you can search these interview by different criterias like the interview partner. Or you can browse the list of latest interviews to take a look at what happened last in the Second Edition scene (use riter "Latest").

So have fun reading these interviews!


Welcome to the overview of the latest ST2E Interviews

You will find the latest 3 Interviews here (order desc by publishing date).

imageEuropean Continental Champion 2010

This Interview article was written by openCards user RedDwarf and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Jul 28th, 2010.

Interview with the EuropeaSee the rest of this Interview...

image"Evolution of a Deck" 1: Swedish Borg regional winner

This Interview article was written by openCards user Tribble.

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imageInterview with “Regional Manager” Johannes Klarhauser

This Interview article was written by openCards user Tribble.

In our second introduction interview of the TCC-era Organized Play Europe volunteers we have the pleasure to talk to Johannes Klarhauser.

Q: Hi Johannes. Let us start with something provocative. Someone who deemed himself fluent in the German language explained to me that “Schmarrn” is something used in Bavaria (which is something like the Texas of Germany, only with Lederhosen) to describe more or less “bullshit”, making your TCC-handle “Kaiserschmarrn” the “emperor of bullshit”. Is that translation valid?
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