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    Decks constructed by "Michael Shea":

    14 Decks found.

    createddeck titleplayeraffiliationevent
    Sep, 2018Worlds Day 1 TN AttackMichael SheaTerok Nor iconWorlds 2017
    Sep, 2018Worlds Day 2 TNMichael SheaTerok Nor iconWorlds 2017
    Aug, 2015Cry havok and let slip the hogs of war v6Michael SheaTerok Nor iconNACC 2015
    Sep, 2018The Blood-Dimmed Tide is LoosedMichael SheaTerok Nor icon
    May, 2017Ask Greg Hodgin about Jefferson, GeorgiaMichael SheaTerok Nor icon
    Oct, 2017There is a New Power Rising!Michael SheaTerok Nor icon
    Jan, 2018Dominion Murder v2Michael SheaDominion icon
    Mar, 2018Captive PursuitsMichael SheaCardassian iconDominion icon
    Mar, 2018The Occupation of BajorMichael SheaCardassian iconBajoran icon
    May, 2018The Changing Face of EvilMichael SheaTerok Nor icon
    May, 2018The Ends Justify the MeansMichael SheaCardassian icon
    May, 2018Genocidal PlansMichael SheaRomulan iconCardassian icon
    May, 2018War is Good for Business, But Only From a DistanceMichael SheaTerok Nor icon
    May, 2018An Old FriendMichael SheaTOS iconKlingon icon

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