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    Overview Decks with "The Oracle's Punishment"

    242 Decks found.

    createddeck titleplayeraffiliationevent
    Oct, 2018Almost Forty v2Daniel WallerDS9 iconWorlds 2018
    Oct, 2018Who Needs Bajor?Michael Van BreemenCardassian iconWorlds 2018
    Sep, 2018My last battlegaretjaxStarfleet iconWorlds 2017
    Sep, 2018Stolen deck #2Geoffery PetersonStarfleet iconWorlds 2017
    Sep, 2018MakeoutsLucas ThompsonStarfleet iconWorlds 2017
    Sep, 2018Helping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IIIMaggie GeppertTNG iconWorlds 2017
    Sep, 2018There are two types of tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want, the other is getting it.Joshua SheetsEarth iconWorlds 2017
    Sep, 2018EquinoxTed ReebelNon-Aligned iconWorlds 2017
    Jul, 2018Cardassian in Gamma Quadrant Version 2EzriForeverCardassian iconEC 2018
    Jun, 2018Helping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IIIMaggie GeppertTNG iconNACC 2018
    Jun, 2018Some Trek Players Just Like to Watch the Universe BurnJason BeyerMaquis iconNACC 2018
    Jul, 2017The Value VacuumNat KirtonDS9 iconNACC 2017
    Jul, 2017Jaeger Bomb 3.01: Dakota Pain Dealers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Money, Inc.Hoss-DroneTNG iconDS9 iconNACC 2017
    Jul, 2017Ok, Rick... Lets Get NastyKris SonstebyTOS iconNACC 2017
    Sep, 2016Stop, Don't Move, a tribute to Michael AlbrechtOld KorDominion iconEC 2016
    Sep, 2016Patient BattlesgaretjaxRomulan iconEC 2016
    Sep, 2016SF for EC 2016 Day 1 by Peter MachovitsPeter MachovitsStarfleet iconEC 2016
    Sep, 2016Jupiter and so on V 2.0Michael AlbrechtStarfleet iconEC 2016
    Sep, 2016Strong, Stronger, Voyager ???garetjaxVOY iconEC 2016
    Sep, 2016Before the Wormhole v.1.05garetjaxDominion iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Ferengi Equipment Machine ECC Versions_rammeFerengi iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016I keep a quarter under my tongue v0.12FritzingerVOY iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Gamma and Green version 2nickyankRomulan iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Michael Mittelstedt - ECC 2015Roga DanarCardassian iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Thorsten Wanek - ECC 2015Jaglom ShrekTNG iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016War Machine Rox!Benjamin LiebichKlingon iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Relativity 1.6Mr SladeRelativity iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Can't Beat der Kaisers_rammeDS9 iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016voYagerbomb 2015KaiserKVOY iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016There's no time like the pastPeter H. MøllerRelativity iconWorlds 2016
    Sep, 2016Copy Cat TOSPhil SchraderTOS icon
    Sep, 2016KlingonsthschKlingon iconWorlds 2016
    Sep, 2016Brute SolvinggaretjaxKlingon iconWorlds 2016
    Sep, 2016Mr Slades Relativity - 2016 WorldsMr SladeRelativity iconWorlds 2016
    Sep, 2016James 2E worlds DeckKierenTNG iconWorlds 2015
    Sep, 2016Gamma quadrant dominion for worldsHarshana RandeniDominion iconWorlds 2015
    Sep, 2016The WellMichael Van BreemenTOS iconWorlds 2015
    Jun, 2016List of Sexually Active PopesLucas ThompsonKlingon iconNACC 2016
    Jun, 2016Orlando weekend Klingon avoiding Day 2GumboKlingon iconNACC 2016
    Jun, 2016Chef's ChoiceJustin FordDS9 iconTNG iconNACC 2016
    Jun, 2016The 2nd Law: UnsustainableJohn CorbettBorg iconNACC 2016
    Jun, 2016Orlando weekend Klingon avoidingGumboKlingon iconNACC 2016
    Jun, 2016I Spew My Fluidic Goo All Over Your FacePhil SchraderTOS iconNACC 2016
    Aug, 2015Voyager V.4Roxanne BarbourVOY iconNACC 2015
    Aug, 2015Where There's Cake, There's Hope (2.2)Jeremy BenedictDominion iconNACC 2015
    Aug, 2015Where There's Cake, There's Hope (2.2.1)Jeremy BenedictDominion iconNACC 2015
    Aug, 2015Gamma and Green - Nick SMASH!nickyankRomulan iconNACC 2015
    Jan, 2015Marcus-CertifiedMike HarringtonTOS iconNACC 2014
    Jan, 2015You Get a Piece of It... You Can Rename ItKris SonstebyTOS iconNACC 2014
    Jan, 2015Galactic President Superstar McAwesomevilleNat KirtonDS9 iconNACC 2014
    Jan, 2015Wedding CrasherNathan WineigerDS9 iconNACC 2014
    Jan, 2015Matthew 5:9TNG iconNACC 2014
    Jan, 2015Still Seeking PerfectionMatthew HayesBorg iconNACC 2014
    Jan, 2015Here comes the boomRyan HeibergDominion iconNACC 2014
    Dec, 2014Paranoid JeopardyJonathan EngelTNG icon
    Aug, 2014IntegrityKaiserKFerengi iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Nate's DS9 deck with meta dilemma pileDS9 iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Dead Poets SocietyPhil SchraderTOS iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014voYagerbomb 2014KaiserKVOY iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014tos weenieMike HarringtonTOS iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Klingon kris solverKlingon iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Will Hoskin Friday Day 1 Deck ListGumboCardassian iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Can't Stop, Won't Stop 1.5Ramata KlanDS9 iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014A 30% Chance Of Catastrophic SuccessNat KirtonRomulan iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014My Kinda Team, Charlie... It's My Kinda TeamKris SonstebyFerengi iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Ferengi Worlds, Day 1Ferengi iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Magical Mystery VoyagerAmber Van BreemenVOY iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Purple Rain 2.1Jeremy BenedictCardassian iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Klingon Ionradh Meiriceá do shaol 2014nickyankKlingon iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Gotta get BACK IN TIME!Jason BeyerRelativity iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Gencon 2014Eric BiecheRelativity iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Rumor Has IttkotuuDS9 iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Ezri 5.0Michael MoskopEarth iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Triple Threat 1.2sirdanCardassian iconRomulan iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014Just the artifacts, ma'am 2.0Bajoran iconWorlds 2014
    Aug, 2014... but the Stars are Made of Latinum (day 2)Stefan SlabyFerengi iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Nathan is still a blastClerasil ToBStarfleet iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Cyfandir Klingon amddiffyn Llundain!nickyankKlingon iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Relativity 1.2Mr SladeRelativity iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Bajoran insurrectionGumboBajoran iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014... but the Stars are Made of Latinum (day 1)Stefan SlabyFerengi iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Relativity 1.1Mr SladeRelativity iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014TNG battles Enterprise-EClerasil ToBTNG iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Seryddiaeth Dominyddu Bencampwriaeth Ewropeaidd!nickyankDominion iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014I hate Relativity!thschRomulan iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Unprofessional DeckStefan de WalfBajoran iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014The Peace Knot v2.0TNG iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Big Borg 5 years latergaretjaxBorg iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Unchanged Starfleet, except for a little GamblingClerasil ToBStarfleet iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Rydym Yn Dod I Goncro A Ainistrio - Day 2nickyankKlingon iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Re-Romulation Episode VStefan SlabyRomulan iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Children, don't try this at Home...Chairman NilvaBajoran iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Future is here! v1.2Nickolay KorotyaRelativity iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Rydym Yn Dod I Goncro A AinistrionickyankKlingon iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Wiener SchnitzelplattegaretjaxKlingon iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014"Watch your future's end."Vladimir VrbataBorg iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014EurocadamyGumboTOS iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Voyager blows you out of the starsClerasil ToBVOY iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Brave New World 2.0 EC EditonAndrey LarinStarfleet iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Peter Machovits' 2013 regional deckPeter MachovitsCardassian iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Don't Hate on LorianKaiserKStarfleet iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Stolen from the Peter H. Moller Signature Speed CollectionRedDwarfTNG iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014The Dominion is superiorMichael AlbrechtDominion iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014Pokemon Borg 2013 Day 1Jared HoffmanBorg iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014We are Klingon! We are here to do important things! ntimmonsKlingon iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Deine Augen machen blingbling und alles ist vergessenRamata KlanBorg iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014It's Just This Little Something I Threw Together Called: Fruity Cocoa Cinnamon Sugar Frosted Honey MNat KirtonFerengi iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014GenCon Y2KlingonsGumboKlingon iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014I'm Crushing hard on you...TNG iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Ferengi Continentals, Day 1Ferengi iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Tragic KingdomDaniel MattesonTOS iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014I'll do anything to win a gameRedDwarfKlingon iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Rydym Yn Dod I Goncro A Ainistrio NACCnickyankKlingon iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Klingon Guidance Can-Do-It-AllAlexander SchmitzKlingon iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Should Have Been KrisJeremy BenedictKlingon iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014DS9E CadetNeal LawsonEarth iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Terms of Enrampagement.Nat KirtonDS9 iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014This symbol should be GermanRamata KlanKlingon iconDS9 iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Tobias likes REM, I figured he liked the Scorpions.James BookerTNG iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Pokemon Borg 2013 Day 2Borg iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Continentally DamagedDaniel MattesonStarfleet iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Catch me if you canDominion iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Ferengi Continentals, Day 2Ferengi iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Obviously we have a changeling infiltrator on the stationPeukonDominion iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Das VoyagerKaiserKVOY iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Maquis - Day 2 (Rip-off from Tobias/Tyler)Morten SandbergMaquis iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014DS9-Earth WM 2013garetjaxEarth iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014In a small MirrorthschStarfleet iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014K2 a big hill to climb without much time to prepareGumboKlingon iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 20149², cybernetic efficiencyStefan SlabyVOY iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Das Piper at the Gates of DawnKaiserKTOS iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Klingon WM 2013garetjaxKlingon iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014MidgamersChairman NilvaRomulan iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Cardassians - day 1 deckMorten SandbergCardassian iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Welcome back Mr. PresidentthschEarth iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Call of the Nagus - WorldsOleg RyzhikovFerengi iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014The Daleks Are Comming. where are those warriorsKlingon iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Klingon E-Worlds Day 1GumboKlingon iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Lightning Strikes Twice - Worlds EditionAndrey LarinEarth iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Oh My !saki 223Relativity iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014TOSsing and TurningBenjamin LiebichTOS iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Voyager battles FrankfurtClerasil ToBVOY iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Matthias Weller's 2013 Worlds Day One Cardassian deckEzriForeverCardassian iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Peter's BajoranshelmpBajoran iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Martin Felber's 2013 Worlds Day One TOS deckTheManOnTheMoonTOS iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Nickolay Korotya's 2013 Worlds Day One Relativity deckNickolay KorotyaRelativity iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Martin Felber's 2013 Worlds Day One TOS deckTOS iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Astro Domination!nickyankDominion iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014TOSsers Worlds 2013s_rammeTOS iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Das Nothing HappenedFloTOS iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Stefan Perau's 2013 Worlds Day One Klingon/Romulan deckEnsign SurakKlingon iconRomulan iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014is this really Dom?eberlemsDominion iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Maybe winning in an alternate reality but we keep tryingBoon of BolianTNG iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Thief Deck - Display of WealthremataklanNon-Aligned iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014A tough jobgaretjaxTNG iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Más integridadKaiserKDS9 iconTNG iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Borg solver with Starfleet personnelTWatsonBorg iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Protector of the Realm v1.0Benjamin LiebichTOS iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Welcome back Mr. President - Regional EditionthschEarth iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014The Legend of Li Nalas v2garetjaxBajoran iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Regional Ko 2014TjarkBajoran iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Ivan's RomulansIvan PongrazRomulan iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014Zeitschiff v0.6FloRelativity iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Romulans 3.0bashircommanderRomulan iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Back in Time 2.0Jaglom ShrekTNG iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Surprise SurpriseLisa BöttingerTOS iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Zwillinge - TwinsChristian PassetRomulan iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014No time for more shipsgaretjaxRelativity iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014For The EmpireSandraKlingon iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014A Fascinating deck without Spock? Thats not Logical!garetjaxNon-Aligned iconTOS iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014No killing at allEzriForeverDS9 iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Manhattan's FinestthschStarfleet iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Protector of the Realm v1.1Benjamin LiebichTOS iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014The Sisko is of Bajorsaki 223Bajoran iconRegionals 2014
    May, 2014No Peace with Non-AlignedsgaretjaxKlingon iconRegionals 2014
    May, 2013Follow Ship 2.0Non-Aligned iconRegionals 2013
    May, 2013Oh, the almighty Temporal Prime Directive. Take my advice. lt's less of a headache if you just ...TjarkVOY iconRegionals 2013
    May, 2013Fighting the CursethschRomulan iconRegionals 2013
    May, 2013The Borg are so interconnected it would act like a virus. 1.0 Regional 2013Florian OttBorg iconRegionals 2013
    May, 2013KaufrauschgaretjaxDominion iconRegionals 2013
    Apr, 2013Dominion XVIIIeberlemsDominion iconRegionals 2013
    Dec, 2012The Borg Institute v2.1Craig GiblettBorg iconWorlds 2012
    Dec, 2012Borg for worlds day 2Jay CoadBorg iconWorlds 2012
    Dec, 2012Maquis/RomulanGreg DillonMaquis iconRomulan iconWorlds 2012
    Dec, 2012I prefer the title "Gul" (V2)Steve HartmannCardassian iconWorlds 2012
    Dec, 2012Raped by a RakeKaiserKVOY iconWorlds 2012
    Dec, 2012Young but slow until they have some friends in play...GumboKlingon iconWorlds 2012
    Nov, 2012Klingon Net Deck [v1.2]RedDwarfKlingon iconWorlds 2012
    Nov, 2012The Borg Institute v2.Craig GiblettBorg iconWorlds 2012
    Nov, 2012Borg for worldsJay CoadBorg iconWorlds 2012
    Nov, 2012Klingons: you only live Once unless Gowrons in play!GumboKlingon iconWorlds 2012
    Nov, 2012Kicked by a KangarooKaiserKVOY iconWorlds 2012
    Nov, 2012I prefer the title 'Gul'Steve HartmannCardassian iconWorlds 2012
    Sep, 2012Only Bajoran cheese please!garetjaxBajoran icon
    Sep, 2012If you cannot beat them, use them!thschRomulan iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012ThreeBorgs_rammeBorg iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012I Hate them...but I love themClerasil ToBStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012It only loses to SørenKaiserKVOY iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012"This is our time. If Earth is going to survive, we have to act."Vladimir VrbataStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Romulan Project EM 2012garetjaxRomulan iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Chakotay's Guests - ECC Day 2VOY iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Size Matters NoStefan SlabyStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012The Cardassians are already evacuatingPeukonMaquis iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Llofrudd Cymathu EwropeaiddnickyankBorg iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Stepan Vyskocil - Day 2Štěpán VyskočilTNG iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Legitimate Leader of the EmpireKlingon iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Alex Downloads BonnRamata KlanKlingon iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Romulan investigators v2Nickolay KorotyaRomulan iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012From Australia to AustriaAubiStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Terra Prime (EC 2012)Florian OttStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Euro FleetGumboStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012The Final FrontierAndrey LarinTOS iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Mirror-Starfleet European ChampionshipsbashircommanderStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Die Bundesbank auf FerenginarRamata KlanFerengi iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Set a course... for home PinocchioTjarkVOY iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight (EC 2012)Svenja OttKlingon iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012The ExchequerFerengi iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Ewropeaidd Dec Llinach Arglwyddiaeth!nickyankDominion iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Guinan's Solving Team 4.0 a.k.a. Ich hab mir einen Gott...Clerasil ToBTNG iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Leave No SurvivorsStefan SlabyVOY iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Chakotay's GuestsVOY iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Starfleet EM Project 2012garetjaxStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Manhattan's FinestthschStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012Don't Hate on LorianKaiserKStarfleet iconEC 2012
    Sep, 2012"We'll continue to follow our directive, to seek out new worlds and explore space." - the EC versionVladimir VrbataVOY iconEC 2012
    Aug, 2012Enemies & Allies, pt. IIMatthew HayesTerok Nor iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012John Corbett's Fire and BloodJohn CorbettBajoran icon
    Aug, 2012America VoyagerGumboVOY iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012But why male models? 2.0Kenneth TuftsNon-Aligned iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012...wait for it...Brian LeonardKlingon iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012DQSSVOY iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012Subspace divergence fieldJoel SkonVOY iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012Tobias likes REM, I figured he liked the Scorpions.James BookerTNG iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012Klingon Net Deck [v1.1]RedDwarfKlingon iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012Klingon datryswr gyfer NACC bencampwriaethnickyankKlingon iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012 Fire and Blood 2.0Bajoran iconNACC 2012
    Aug, 2012You didn't build that, somebody else made that happenPhil SchraderFerengi iconNACC 2012
    Jan, 2012Integrity for VictorybashircommanderTNG icon
    Dec, 2011Grand Nagus ReygaChairman NilvaFerengi icon
    Nov, 2011Maquis returnsbashircommanderMaquis icon
    Nov, 2011GardinenpredigtChairman NilvaTNG icon
    Nov, 2011The new Dark ProjectgaretjaxNon-Aligned icon

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