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We are looking for an ocAmbassador for this faction. As an ocAmbassador you can configure the top part of this site as you e.g. write a text about this faction or by publishing your favorite pictures from characters of this faction. Your status as ocAmbassabor will be marked on this site, in your profile and at your posts in the openCards forums. You will find more information about this topic and how to become an ocAmbassador in our ocSupporter area.

Sauron related Strategy-Notes:

TitleAuthorRelated event
The Sauron Cultureby Telak at Jan 1st, 2008no statement

Sauron related Card-Reviews:

TitleCard typeAuthorRelated event
Eye of Barad-dûrEventby John Nangle (published on oC by Telak at Jan, 2008)no statement
Orc PatrolMinionby Cynthia Hart (published on oC by Telak at Jan, 2008)no statement