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Space •Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial Temple

    Denorios Belt, Locate Celestial Temple

    Space Space Mission
    Location: Alpha-Quadrant Alpha-Quardrant Span: 3. Points: 20.
    Region: Bajor System.
    Requirements: Diplomacy, Honor, Navigation, and Integrity > 22
    Bajoran icon

    "In the twenty-second century, a ship carrying Kai Taluno was disabled for several days in the Denorios Belt, where he claims he had a vision."

    Characteristics: Alpha quadrant Alpha-Quardrant mission, Bajor System, space mission, worth 30 or less points, worth 35 or less points.

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    ST2E libraryCollector's Info

    Virtual card from Return to Grace Return to Grace (Copyright 2014)
    Image Source: Deep Space Nine - Emissary, Part I (Season 1 - Episode 1)
    UCT-ID : ST2E 30 V 26 (manufactor info on card: 30 V 26)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / non-foil
    No "reprints" for this card (no cards published with same title & sub-title in other expansions).

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