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    Dilemma Equipemt Event Interrupt Mission Personnel Ship    Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Klingon Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet 

    Track Survivors

    • Track Survivors

    Planet Planet Mission
    Location: Alpha-Quadrant Alpha-Quardrant Span: 2. Points: 35.
    Requirements: Engineer, Geology, Science, Transporters, and Cunning > 32 or Diplomacy, Honor, Law, Leadership, and Integrity > 30
    Special Instructions: When your personnel complete this mission, if none of them have an attribute > 6, score 5 points.
    Bajoran icon Federation icon Ferengi icon Non-Aligned icon

    Angel I: "A brief visit will be tolerated."

    Characteristics: score points, Alpha quadrant Alpha-Quardrant mission, planet mission, worth 35 or less points.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at Jan 1st, 2008.

    ST2E libraryCollector's Info

    Virtual card from This Side of Paradise This Side of Paradise (Copyright 2009)
    Image Source: The Next Generation - Angel One (Season 1 - Episode 14)
    UCT-ID : ST2E 18 V 18 (manufactor info on card: 18 V 18)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / non-foil
    No "reprints" for this card (no cards published with same title & sub-title in other expansions).

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    - "Track Survivors" by KaiserK at Dec 4th, 2009
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