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Mission Mission card list

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UCT-IDNamesort iconExpansionRarity
ST1E 22 V 20Abduction PlotEngageVirtual
ST2E 1 S 148Abduction PlotSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 33 V 18Accept Ambassadorial InvitationLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 5 R 105Access Relay StationDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 5 S 106Acquire Illicit ExplosivesDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 21 V 35Acquire Surplus ShipsThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 12 U 78Acquire TechnologyVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 22 V 21Advanced Combat TrainingEngageVirtual
ST1E 12 U 79AftermathVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 17 V 21Aftermath IILife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST1E 7 R 45A Good Day to LiveBlaze of GloryRare
ST1E 0 P 7A Good Place to DieTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 9 U 38Agricultural AssessmentThe Trouble with TribblesUncommon
ST1E 0 P 138Aid Clone ColonyAll Good ThingsPromotion
ST1E 5 R 107Aid FugitivesDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 5 U 108Alter RecordsDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 12 U 80Ambush ShipVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 21 V 36Amnesty TalksThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 U 151Amnesty TalksSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 15 C 28Analyze RadiationThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST1E 12 U 81Answer Distress SignalVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 6 U 45Archanis DisputeThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 33 V 19Assemble FleetLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST2E 8 U 52Assist Cloaked ShipTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 12 U 82Assist CooperativeVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 22 V 22Assist Damaged VesselEngageVirtual
ST1E 22 V 23Assist SurvivorsEngageVirtual
ST1E 0 VR 220Attack at Rare PhenomenonHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 33 V 20Attend Ambassadorial BanquetLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 22 V 24Attend Mysterious RendezvousEngageVirtual
ST1E 18 V 16Automated Repair StationStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST2E 8 U 53Automated Repair StationTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 P 8Avert DangerTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 1 R 146Avert DisasterPremiere BBRare
ST1E 21 V 37Avert Solar ImplosionThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 9 R 5Avert Solar ImplosionDangerous Missions - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 7 U 46Bat'leth TournamentBlaze of GloryUncommon
ST1E 32 V 32Battle of Narendra IIIBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 30 V 9Battle of Sector 001Star Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 3 S 83Battle ReconnaissanceCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E  0 VR 221Battle ReconnaissanceHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 6 R 46Betazed InvasionThe DominionRare
ST1E 6 U 47Bioweapon RuseThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 0 P 56 (1998)Botanical ResearchPremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
ST2E 15 V 24Breach BarrierThe Undiscovered Country - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 25 V 20Break PrisonerThe MaquisVirtual
ST1E 2 R 82Brute ForceAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 5 R 109Camping TripDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 0 P 9Cargo RendezvousTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 12 C 83Catalog PhenomenaVoyagerCommon
ST1E 5 R 110Changeling ResearchDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 17 V 22Changeling Research IILife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST1E 5 S 111Characterize Neutrino EmissionsDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 7 R 47Chart Stellar ClusterBlaze of GloryRare
ST2E 3 U 85Clash at Chin'tokaCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 222Clash at Chin'tokaHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 1 U 147Cloaked MissionPremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 10 U 47Collect Omicron ParticlesCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 223Collect Omicron ParticlesHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 8 C 45Collect SampleRules of AcquisitionCommon
ST1E 5 U 112Colony PreparationsDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 12 U 84Combat TrainingVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 2 R 83Compromised MissionAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 22 V 25Conceal Unlikely SocietyEngageVirtual
ST1E 28 V 33Conduct Crossover OperationCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 30 V 10Conduct Stellar ResearchStar Trek 50Virtual
ST1E 6 C 48Construct DepotThe DominionCommon
ST1E 12 C 85Contact ResistanceVoyagerCommon
ST1E 18 V 17Control PlagueStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST2E 8 U 54Control PlagueTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 13 U 36Corner Enemy ShipThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 1 C 148Covert InstallationPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 112Covert Installation IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 1 U 149Covert RescuePremiere BBUncommon
ST2E 13 U 44Critical CareIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 1 R 150Cultural ObservationPremiere BBRare
ST1E 33 V 21Cultural Observation IILive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 5 R 113Cure BlightDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 12 R 86Cure Deadly VirusVoyagerRare
ST1E 31 V 22Deliver Ancient ArtifactThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST2E 9 R 6Deliver Ancient ArtifactDangerous Missions - ST1E compatibleRare
ST1E 8 U 46Deliver MessageRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 5 S 114Deliver SuppliesDeep Space NineStarter
ST2E 3 S 86Destroy Iconian GatewayCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 0 VR 224Destroy Iconian GatewayHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 1 U 151Diplomacy MissionPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 2 R 84Diplomatic ConferenceAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 11 U 41Disrupt AllianceMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 0 P 10Distress MissionTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 25 V 21Divert AttentionThe MaquisVirtual
ST1E 5 S 115Eliminate VirusDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 21 V 38Encounter at FarpointThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 U 164Encounter at FarpointSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 28 V 34Enlistment DriveCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 32 V 33Escape GulagBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 8 U 56Escape GulagTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 4 R 60Espionage MissionFirst ContactRare
ST1E 14 U 41Establish Home PlanetHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 24 V 31Establish Interquadrant CommunicationsEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 27 V 20Establish Medical ComplexThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 0 P 41Establish RelationsOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 13 U 37Establish SettlementThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 5 S 116Establish StationDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 1 U 152EvacuationPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 23 V 20Evade Borg VesselThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST2E 3 U 89Evade Dominion SquadronCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 226Evade Dominion SquadronHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 28 V 35Evade Patrolling SquadronCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 1 R 153Evaluate TerraformingPremiere BBRare
ST1E 28 V 36Examine Disappearance SiteCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 1 C 154ExcavationPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 113Excavation IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 0 VR 403Excite Dark MatterPre-Warp PackVirtual
ST1E 27 V 21Expand Karemman OperationsThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 1 R 155Explore Black ClusterPremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 114Explore Black Cluster IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 33 V 22Explore Delphic ExpanseLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 1 R 156Explore Dyson SpherePremiere BBRare
ST2E 17 V 46Explore Extradimensional WorldRaise The Stakes - ST1E compatibleVirtual
ST1E 0 P 42Explore Interstellar MatterOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST2E 10 U 48Explore Micro-WormholeCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 1 R 157Explore Typhone ExpansePremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 115Explore Typhon Expanse IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 1 U 158Expose Covert SupplyPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 12 U 87Expose PlotVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 25 V 22Expose Secret BuildupThe MaquisVirtual
ST1E 1 R 159ExtractionPremiere BBRare
ST1E 32 V 34Extract Rare MineralBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 11 U 42Feldomite RushMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 1 C 160Fever EmergencyPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 2 R 85FGC-47 ResearchAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 17 V 23Find Hidden BaseLife From LifelessnessVirtual
ST1E 1 U 161First ContactPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 2 R 86Fissure ResearchAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 23 V 21Foster New CollectiveThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 18 V 18Free Orion SlavesStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 27 V 22Further Tulaberry TalksThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 0 P 11GaultTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST2E 11 PF 14Genesis PlanetGenesis - ST1E compatiblePromotion Foil
ST1E 0 VR 227Genesis PlanetHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 0 P 57 (1998)Geological SurveyPremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
ST1E 0 P 12GravesworldTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 8 U 47GunrunningRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 12 U 88Heal Life-FormVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 11 U 43Historical ResearchMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 0 P 13HomewardTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 0 P 14Hostage SituationTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 21 V 39Host Metaphasic Shielding TestThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 1 S 172Host Metaphasic Shielding TestSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 24 V 32Host TournamentEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 13 U 38Hunt AlienThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 1 R 162Hunt for DNA ProgramPremiere BBRare
ST1E 1 R 163Iconia InvestigationPremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 43Impose OrderOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 31 V 23Incapacitate InhabitantsThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 23 V 22Install Emotion ChipThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 15 C 29InsurrectionThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST1E 6 U 49Intelligence OperationThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 33 V 23Intercept DignitaryLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 5 S 117Intercept MaquisDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 5 S 118Intercept RenegadeDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 21 V 40Intercept Sleeper ShipThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 27 V 23Internment OperationsThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 12 U 89Inversion MysteryVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 R 164Investigate Alien ProbePremiere BBRare
ST2E 10 U 49Investigate Alleged MurderCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 19 V 29Investigate AnachronismShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 1 C 165Investigate AnomalyPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 116Investigate Anomaly IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 26 V 6Investigate Anti-Time Eruption20th Anniversary CollectionVirtual
ST1E 6 U 50Investigate CoupThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 22 V 26Investigate Dead PlanetEngageVirtual
ST2E 13 U 46Investigate DerelictIn A Mirror, Darkly - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 228Investigate DerelictHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 21 V 41Investigate DestructionThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 7 U 49Investigate DestructionStrange New Worlds - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 1 R 166Investigate DisappearancePremiere BBRare
ST1E 1 R 167Investigate DisturbancePremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 44Investigate IncursionOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 28 V 37Investigate IntrusionCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 3 R 41Investigate LegendQ-ContinuumRare
ST2E 2 U 100Investigate Maquis ActivityEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 229Investigate Maquis ActivityHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 1 R 168Investigate MassacrePremiere BBRare
ST1E 27 V 24Investigate Omicron ParticlesThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 30 V 11Investigate Probe OriginStar Trek 50Virtual
ST1E 12 R 90Investigate Quantum SingularityVoyagerRare
ST1E 1 R 169Investigate RaidPremiere BBRare
ST1E 1 R 170Investigate Rogue CometPremiere BBRare
ST1E 5 R 119Investigate RumorsDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 1 R 171Investigate "Shattered Space"Premiere BBRare
ST1E 1 R 172Investigate SightingPremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 117Investigate Sighting IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST2E 8 U 57Investigate Stalled ShipTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 1 R 173Investigate Time ContinuumPremiere BBRare
ST2E 10 U 50Investigate Unknown ElementCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 12 U 91Kazon ConferenceVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 R 174Khitomer ResearchPremiere BBRare
ST1E 5 S 120Kressari RendezvousDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 1 U 175Krios SuppressionPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 31 V 24Launch Military StrikeThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 22 V 27Legal AppealEngageVirtual
ST1E 12 U 92LiberationVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 33 V 24Locate TelepathsLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 23 V 23Locate Terrorist LeaderThe Sky's the LimitVirtual
ST1E 13 U 39Maintenance OverhaulThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 8 C 48Market ResearchRules of AcquisitionCommon
ST1E 33 V 25Medical ConferenceLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 1 R 176Medical ReliefPremiere BBRare
ST1E 0 P 58 (1998)Military ExercisesPremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
ST1E 11 U 44Mine DilithiumMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 14 C 42Mine GalliciteHolodeck AdventuresCommon
ST1E 0 P 45Mineral SurveyOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 6 U 51Mining SurveyThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 31 V 25Monitor PopulationThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST2E 12 U 41Navigate Argolis ClusterThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 230Navigate Argolis ClusterHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 3 C 42NebulaQ-ContinuumCommon
ST1E 1 R 177New ContactPremiere BBRare
ST1E 28 V 38Observe Alliance OperationsCrossoverVirtual
ST2E 10 U 51Observe Kazon RitualCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 15 C 30Observe RitualThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST1E 31 V 26Observe Spatial CoordinatesThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 18 V 19Observe Stellar RebirthStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST2E 10 U 52Obtain Advanced TechnologyCaptain's Log - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 28 V 39Oppress PopulationCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 5 U 121Orb NegotiationsDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 24 V 33Pacify Warring FactionsEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 4 U 61Patrol Neutral ZoneFirst ContactUncommon
ST1E 3 R 43Paxan "Wormhole"Q-ContinuumRare
ST1E 1 R 178Pegasus SearchPremiere BBRare
ST1E 3 R 44Plague PlanetQ-ContinuumRare
ST1E 4 C 62PlanetFirst ContactCommon
ST1E 1 U 179Plunder SitePremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 32 V 35Police Trade RouteBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 8 U 59Practice Orbital ManeuversTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 12 U 93Prevent AnnihilationVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 22 V 28Prevent Military EscalationEngageVirtual
ST1E 18 V 20Prevent RebellionStraight and SteadyVirtual
ST1E 12 U 94Prison BreakVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 27 V 25Probe Alpha Quadrant SystemThe Gamma QuadrantVirtual
ST1E 6 U 52Protect ShipmentThe DominionUncommon
ST2E 7 U 51Protect The EscapeesStrange New Worlds - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E  0 VR 231Protect The EscapeesHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 8 U 49Purchase MoonRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 2 U 87Qualor II RendezvousAlternate UniverseUncommon
ST1E 2 R 88Quash ConspiracyAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 6 U 53Quest for the SwordThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 21 V 42Raid Ancient Burial SiteThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 33 V 26Rebuild MonasteryLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 22 V 29Recover PrisonerEngageVirtual
ST1E 5 S 122Refuse ImmigrationDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 5 S 123Reignite Dead StarDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 12 U 95Reinitialize Warp ReactionVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 C 180Relief MissionPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 118Relief Mission IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 5 S 124Relocate SettlersDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 0 VR 232Renovate StarbaseHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 0 P 15Reopen DigTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 24 V 34Reopen Trade DiscussionsEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 14 U 43Repair MemorialHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 1 C 181Repair MissionPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 13 U 40Repair Null Space CatapultThe BorgUncommon
ST1E 33 V 27Repatriate CitizenLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 28 V 40Replenish WorkforceCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 0 P 15Reported ActivityTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 6 U 54Rescue FounderThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 5 S 125Rescue PrisonersDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 32 V 36Research Devastating AttackBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 29 V 26Research Historic AccidentThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 12 U 96Research PhageVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 12 U 97Restock SuppliesVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 U 182Restore Errant MoonPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 12 R 98Restore VictimsVoyagerRare
ST1E 0 VR 233Resupply MauraderHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 22 V 30Resupply Maurader IIEngageVirtual
ST1E 32 V 37Retrieve MaterielBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 8 U 60Retrieve MaterielTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 12 U 99Return Life-formVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 2 R 89ReunionAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 21 V 43Revenge PlotThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 12 U 100Revive SettlersVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 2 R 90Risa Shore LeaveAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 8 U 50Runabout SearchRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 21 V 27Sabotage BiosphereThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 21 V 44Salvage Borg ShipThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 3 S 103Salvage Borg ShipCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 12 U 101Salvage OperationVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 24 V 35Salvage Wrecked ShipEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 3 R 45Samaritan SnareQ-ContinuumRare
ST1E 1 R 183Sarthong PlunderPremiere BBRare
ST1E 19 V 30Save Stranded CrewShades of GrayVirtual
ST1E 14 U 44Seal RiftHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 5 S 126Search and RescueDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 11 U 45Search for RebelsMirror, MirrorUncommon
ST1E 5 S 127Search for SurvivorsDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 0 P 59 (1998)Search for WeaponsPremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
ST1E 1 U 184Secret SalvagePremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 0 P 119Secret Salvage IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 13 C 41Secure StationThe BorgCommon
ST2E 12 U 42Secure Strategic BaseThese are the Voyages - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 28 V 41Secure Supply LinesCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 6 U 55Security BriefingThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 29 V 27Seek Illicit RelicThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 28 V 42Seek Knowledge CacheCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 1 R 185Seek Life-FormPremiere BBRare
ST1E 21 V 45Seize FreighterThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 0 P 5Sensitive SearchWarp PackPromotion
ST2E 3 U 105Signal for RescueCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 235Signal for RescueHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 3 C 46SpaceQ-ContinuumCommon
ST1E 21 V 46Steal TechnologyThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 12 U 102Stop BombardmentVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 U 186Strategic DiversionPremiere BBUncommon
ST1E 5 U 128Study BadlandsDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 0 P 60 (1998)Study Cometary CloudPremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
ST1E 1 R 187Study "Hole in Space"Premiere BBRare
ST1E 12 C 103Study Interment SiteVoyagerCommon
ST1E 12 U 104Study Interstellar ColonyVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 1 R 188Study Lonka PulsarPremiere BBRare
ST1E 1 R 189Study NebulaPremiere BBRare
ST1E 32 V 38Study Neutronic StormBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 5 S 129Study Plasma StormDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 1 C 190Study Plasma StreamerPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 14 U 45Study ProtonebulaHolodeck AdventuresUncommon
ST1E 0 P 61 (1998)Study PulsarPremier Starter Deck 2Promotion
ST2E 3 U 107Study Rare PhenomenonCall To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E  0 VR 237Study Rare PhenomenonHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 1 C 191Study Stellar CollisionPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 33 V 28Study Xenophobic TendenciesLive Long and ProsperVirtual
ST1E 30 V 12Supervise Dilithium MineStar Trek 50Virtual
ST2E 1 S 202Supervise Dilithium MineSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 25 V 23Supply TerroristsThe MaquisVirtual
ST2E 1 S 203Surgery Under FireSecond Edition - ST1E compatibleStarter
ST1E 0 VR 238Surgery Under FireHomefront IVVirtual
ST1E 0 P 17Survey InstabilityTwo-Player GamePromotion
ST1E 1 R 192Survey MissionPremiere BBRare
ST1E 32 V 39Survey New WorldBroken BowVirtual
ST2E 8 U 62Survey New WorldTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 5 U 130Survey Star SystemDeep Space NineUncommon
ST1E 32 V 40Survival TrainingBroken BowVirtual
ST1E 5 R 131Symbiont DiagnosisDeep Space NineRare
ST1E 12 C 105Tak Tak NegotiationVoyagerCommon
ST1E 3 R 47Tarchannen StudyQ-ContinuumRare
ST1E 1 C 193Test MissionPremiere BBCommon
ST1E 0 P 120Test Mission IIEnhanced PremierePromotion
ST1E 0 P 46Test Propulsion SystemsOfficial Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
ST1E 28 V 43Test WarshipCrossoverVirtual
ST1E 15 C 31The Discovery of Sha Ka ReeThe Motion PicturesCommon
ST1E 21 V 47The Last OutpostThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 3 U 109The Siege of AR-558Call To Arms - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 0 VR 240The Siege of AR-558Homefront IVVirtual
ST1E 14 C 46Transport ColonistsHolodeck AdventuresCommon
ST2E 8 U 61Traverse Ion StormTo Boldly Go - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 21 V 48Treat Plague ShipThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST2E 2 U 102Treat Plague ShipEnergize - ST1E compatibleUncommon
ST1E 8 U 51Tulaberry Wine NegotiationsRules of AcquisitionUncommon
ST1E 6 U 56Uncover DNA CluesThe DominionUncommon
ST1E 31 V 28Unsanctioned AttackThe Terran EmpireVirtual
ST1E 12 U 106Unseat DictatorVoyagerUncommon
ST1E 30 V 13Vanquish EnemyStar Trek 50Virtual
ST1E 5 S 132Verify EvidenceDeep Space NineStarter
ST1E 24 V 36Verify Legendary JourneyEmissaryVirtual
ST1E 29 V 28Visit Parallel UniverseThrough the Looking GlassVirtual
ST1E 21 V 49Visit Tranquil ColonyThe Next GenerationVirtual
ST1E 2 R 91Warped SpaceAlternate UniverseRare
ST1E 1 R 194Wormhole NegotiationsPremiere BBRare