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White Deprivation

White Deprivation

Incident Incident
Spezielle "icons": Referee

Seeds or plays on table. At start of every player's turn, all of that player's K.-White personnel present together must battle (and stun or mortally wound when able) opposing non-changelings present, or (if none) any non-changelings present, or (if none) each other (split randomly into two equal groups). Also, one K.-White personnel in each of that player's crews and Away Teams dies (random selection).

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Zu dem Kartentext dieser Karte gibt es eine zusätzliche Erläuterung:

Personnel who have a K.-White icon suffer “white deprivation” when this incident is in play, unless they have Ketracel-White Equipment cards present to prevent it.

Your white-deprived personnel will attack even captives (belonging to either player) if present. You may not prevent them from fighting by using cards such as Emergency Transporter Armbands, Prepare Assault Teams, I'm a Doctor, Not a Doorstop, Smoke Bomb, etc.

When your own personnel are attacking each other, even though they are separate assault teams they are still a single crew or Away Team. Thus, cards that affect the battle (such as hand weapons) apply to both teams. Echo Papa 607 Killer Drones do not participate in battles caused by white deprivation.

One Ketracel-White card in a crew or Away Team prevents white deprivation for any number of K.-White personnel.

A disabled Jem’Hadar (including a captive) cannot initiate battle, but if white-deprived is still subject to death by random selection.

Taken form Glossary - Version 1.9.2.

"Logging" Info: Erfasst vom openCards Team (Telak am 01.05.2009).

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Virtual Karte aus Referee Reprints Referee Reprints (by The Continuing Committee)
Quelle: Deep Space Nine - Hippocratic Oath (Staffel 4 - Episode 4)
UCT-ID : ST1E 0 VR 22 (Hersteller-Info auf der Karte: 22 V)
Druck-Layout : Farbe (standard) / schwarzer Rand / nicht-Foil
Liste der "reprints" zu White Deprivation:
- ST1E 14 C 34 aus Holodeck Adventures Holodeck Adventures ("Original" ("first print"))

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