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Event Prison Compound

    Prison Compound

    "We had no idea that Bajoran prisoners were still being held on Cardassia IV. ...I assure you the camp prefect will be chastised accordingly."

    Event Event

    Punishment. To play this event, you must command three Affiliation Cardassian personnel. Round the total number of Red Dot icons on all your captives to the nearest multiple of 5. Score that number of points. Destroy this event.

    Requires: Affiliation Cardassian affiliation.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at Jan 1st, 2008.

    ST1E libraryCollector's Info

    "Prison Compound" is a backward compatible card form the Second Edition expansion Virtual Backward 2E Promos Virtual Backward 2E Promos (by The Continuing Committee).
    See collectors infos for this card in the Second Edition section under the UCT-ID: ST2E 0 VP 39.
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