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Fiona McKenzie, Experienced Corporal

Fiona McKenzie, Experienced Corporal

"I did a six week tour on Jupiter Station."

Starfleet Kazon icon  Personnel Personnel
Gender: female.
Command & Staffing abilitys: Staff Past
Classification: No Classification
Keywords: MACO.
Skills:  • Exobiology  • Leadership  • Navigation  • Security  • Transporters
While this personnel is facing a dilemma, if three MACO personnel are present with her, you may discard a card from hand to make a Affiliation Starfleet personnel present attributes +2 until the end of that dilemma.

List of "personas" for Fiona McKenzie, Experienced Corporal:
- Fiona McKenzie (32 V 70) from Broken Bow Broken Bow

Characteristics: Affiliation Kazon affiliation, Corporal, MACO, Human species.
Requires: Affiliation Starfleet affilition, MACO.

Rule hint for this card

This card have been fully converted from 2E into 1E under OTF rules - please use Fiona McKenzie from Broken Bow Broken Bow instead.

Card logging info: Logged by openCards team (Telak at Jan 1st, 2008).

ST1E libraryCollector's Info

'Fiona McKenzie, Experienced Corporal' is a backward compatible card form the Second Edition expansion This Side of Paradise - ST1E compatible This Side of Paradise - ST1E compatible (by The Continuing Committee)
See collectors infos for this card in the Second Edition section under the UCT-ID: ST2E 18 V 43

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